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Manifest Home Health has opened its care option to include both Short Term Care and Orthopedic Activities of Daily Living Service!

General Short-Term Care

Sometimes home care is a daily affair, and sometimes it’s a day-long affair. Manifest Home Health now offers both! We are there whether you
are recovering from simple surgery, have an outpatient procedure, or need an
escort. Our services are just a phone call away! We offer both hourly and day-long service packages, so you have exactly the help you need, however long
you need it.

  • Pre & Post-Outpatient Care

  • One-Time to One-Day Service

  • Appointment Escort

  • Prescription Delivery

  • Return to Daily Living Adjustment

Orthopedic Activities of Daily Living Care

Surgical recovery can be a lengthy and challenging process, and extra hands are always available. While many associate home care with the elderly, Manifest Home Health offers non-skilled post-surgery care and activities of living adjustment to people middle-aged and up. If your family cannot assist or scheduling conflicts limit regular care, then the Kingdom’s caregivers are ready!

  • Mobility Assistance

  • Daily Living Assistance

  • Light Meal Prep & Housekeeping

These Services are available on a case-by-case basis and feature a flexible schedule plan. If you or your loved one is already receiving hospital care, Manifest Home Health will coordinate with the existing service provider to provide optimal care. Communication is the key to the kingdom.

Manifest Home Health LLC

Manifest Home Health has over 30 years of Combined experience in providing you or your loved ones with spiritually guided, professional healthcare.


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